Anchor Link Earrings in Sterling Silver

By Natalie Reed Fine Jewelry, Natalie Reed



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Texture has a strong presence throughout my work. Finding old rusted objects on the shore always fascinated me as a child, a ghostly reminder of the past. These sterling silver anchor chain link earrings were hand carved with a rough rusted texture and cast using the lost wax method. Finished with a stippled texture to gently soften the sharp texture, these earrings are comfortable on the skin.

Metal/precious (Sterling Silver)

.5 x .7 inches

About the artist

Natalie is based in Minot, Maine where she has her home studio and lives with her two cats. As a child, she spent many afternoons beachcombing and adventuring on Vinalhaven’s rocky coast, and began collecting sea glass, unusual rocks, urchins, and shells. She has always had a deep love for the ocean, with its power and mystery always drawing her back. In 2009 Natalie began her degree at Maine College of Art in Portland where she quickly discovered she could combine her two passions: jewelry and the ocean. Working her way through college doing construction and lobstering, she majored in metalsmithing and jewelry and graduated in 2013. She visits the beach and her home island as much as possible which always inspires ideas for new designs, pushing her in new directions. In her spare time Natalie enjoys snowboarding, gardening and of course visiting the ocean whenever possible. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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