Accordion BonBon: White+Mint+Soft Blue

By Mary Jaeger



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The pleated silk Accordion BonBons are a fun way to update an ensemble. Think of the accessory as a soft sculptural neck wrap - there is no right or wrong way to wear them - be creative. They are reversible. Edges of the pleats are stitched so the lines are permanent.

Fiber/Wearable (Pieced silk, dyed, edge-stitched)

60 x 11 inches

About the artist

Mary Jaeger is an entrepreneur well-known for her innovative textile, fashion and interior designs. She is a master of natural fiber manipulation, repurposed cloth, resist dye techniques, digital technologies and minimal to zero waste. The core of Jaeger’s niche women's and interior accessory collections are inspired by her passions for color, texture, and pattern, synthesized with simple silhouettes and a love of handcrafted and couture sewing details. Drawing on years of study and work in Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe, Mary exhibits internationally at museums, galleries, and fine stores. Mary won the Smithsonian Honoring the Future Sustainability Award in 2019. Her heirloom collections can be seen at her Brooklyn, NY atelier, online at, and on Instagram @maryjaeger_ny....Read MoreRead Less

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