Our Cups Runneth Over

November 8, 2018-March 3, 2019

A cup is just a cup, right? It holds liquid, and serves as a convenient vessel that can we can bring with us wherever we go. However, what if a cup is more than a cup? How does it represent memory, touch and material? What does an artist feel when they give away a cup that they made with their hands? This exhibition explores the notion of a cup as more than a vessel. Through cups we encounter intimacy - between lips and cup, between maker and user, between utility and design. The sixth iteration of this biennial Society exhibition, with guest curator Mary Barringer, gives audiences the opportunity to expand upon their understandings of these objects that serve a function in our daily lives. Through vignettes and curatorial storytelling, viewers will examine how we define a cup and evaluate its quotidian role. Cups as well as representative portfolio pieces from upwards of 25 artists will be showcased and sold during this special exhibition which has come to be a destination for collectors, as well as an important educational destination for students to learn about the various formal, conceptual, and technical approaches that ceramics allows.

Guest curator: Mary Barringer, Ceramic artist and former editor of Studio Potter magazine