Adorning Boston and Beyond: Contemporary Studio Jewelry Then + Now

November 8, 2018-February 17, 2019

Adorning Boston and Beyond features the contemporary artistic heirs of seminal artists working in and around Boston and beyond from the mid-twentieth century. Artists such as Alexander Calder, Art Smith and Margaret De Patta established the Northeast and other areas as hubs of innovation and creativity in studio jewelry. Contemporary artists that have lived, worked and been educated primarily in Boston continue this thread of innovation in contemporary studio jewelry, which focuses on one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that emphasize creative and expression and design, making the genre ideal for experimentation in form, material and concept. Over 30 artists, working throughout mediums will be on view, including: Kathleen Brown, Tanya Crane, Arthur Hash, Lauren Kalman,Tiff Massey, Bruce Metcalf, Myung Urso and Joe Wood.

Guest curator: Heather White, MassArt Jewelry Professor, Studio Jeweler and Curator

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