2019 Artist Awards

2019 Artist Awards

July 11 - September 1, 2019


The Society of Arts and Crafts is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 Artist Awards, whose goal is to honor and reward New England based craftspeople. This year, we award three talented individuals whose practices represent a diverse skill set: Gabrielle Schaffner, Arthur Hash, and John Cameron.

Gabrielle Schaffner is a ceramicist who lives and works in an artist cooperative in Boston, MA. She draws inspiration from nature, archaeology, and art history to create her wonderfully illustrated porcelain pieces. Her work is made by hand, for daily use, and she loves when her pieces become a staple in anyone's kitchen or home. Gabrielle has worked with ceramics for over thirty years, selling and exhibiting her work nationally.

Arthur Hash is a jeweler and teacher based in Providence, RI. He is known for his playful use of 3D printing techniques, as well as his colorful enamel work. Arthur believes that craft and technology can work hand-in-hand, as he puts it: “...partnering the new with the old can expand interdisciplinary interests and can support a critically optimistic studio practice.” Arthur has exhibited nationally and currently teaches in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing department at the Rhode Island School of Design.

John Cameron in a furniture maker and engraver living and working in Gloucester, MA. His work is a successful and beautiful combination of two different craft techniques that aren’t normally seen together, achieved by making his own furniture and hardware. He strives to produce a symbiosis between wood and metal with each piece, often working with boards from the same tree, which results in a unified and considered whole. John has exhibited nationally and been invited to the Smithsonian craft show several times.

The Society would like to thank our jurors; Rachel Berwick (Head of the RISD glass department), Sadie Bliss (Executive Director of the Maine Crafts Association), Bill May (Executive Director of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts), Hunter O’Hanian (Executive Director of the College Art Association), Emily Stoehrer (Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry at the MFA Boston), and Brigitte Martin (Executive Director of the Society of Arts + Crafts). We thank you for your insight and discerning eyes.

Since 1994, the Society has recognized makers outstanding in their fields and awarded them our prestigious Artist Awards. With the help of these jurors, we are proud to continue this tradition by recognizing Gabrielle Scheffner, Arthur Hash, and John Cameron as outstanding examples within their media.