Celebrating CraftBoston Spring 2020 Artists

In a world without COVID-19, we would have been preparing for CraftBoston Spring 2020 this weekend. Every spring, as the weather warms and the streets of the city come to life, CraftBoston Spring celebrates artists and their amazing creations. For our staff, it is the moment when the chaos and exhaustion of planning gives way to the joy of the celebration is a wonderful experience, and the event is always ton of fun for all of us in the Society of Arts + Crafts community.

As is true for so many people around the world, this event that we hold dear has been canceled as we all work to keep our community safe. While we are disappointed to miss CraftBoston Spring, we still want to celebrate our artists and their craft! Nothing compares to seeing and holding the work in person, but seeing the work online is a great reminder that these artists are still making our world more beautiful.

If you are in position to support artists, and to buy yourself or someone you love an object that is truly beautiful, please do! If you don't have any cash to spare, you can still check out the artists' websites and social media accounts. It will brighten your day to see what they are up to, even at a distance. 

Check out their work here!

CraftBoston Holiday 2020 Update
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