Artist in Residence

AdrienneSloaneFor 25 years studio artist Adrienne Sloane has deeply explored all forms of sculptural knit structures. As a hand and machine knitter, her work has often addressed the political while remaining mindful of the rich historical context of her medium.  She exhibits and teaches internationally and has also worked with indigenous knitters in Bolivia and Peru. Sloane has work in major collections and has been published widely.  She also enjoys writing regularly for the American magazine, Fiber Art Now.

During the month of May, catch Adrienne in her studio on most Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 4 pm and most Fridays and Saturdays from 2 to 6 pm. If you've got your heart set on meeting her, please give us a ring to confirm. Stay tuned for June hours!

June 3 / 1:00-4:00pm / Knitting Wired (Workshop)

Knitting Wired
Expand your knitting horizons and get wired!  Wire is a wonderful, flexible medium to use to make delicate and interesting jewelry.   In this class we'll cover the basics of working with 28 gauge wire starting with knitting needles and moving onto other methods with heavier gauges as time permits.  We will make simple but beautiful pieces that can also be embellished with beads.  The class will also cover resources and materials for successful wire knitting.  Wireworking or jewelry making skill not required but basic knit skills necessary. 
Please bring size 2-5 metal knitting needles (double pointed best) and crochet hooks of various smaller sizes.   Also bring beads and jewelry pliers, if you have them, and any 26-28 gauge wire you may have.  Wire will be available for purchase from instructor as needed.  This can be fine work so bring magnifiers, if you use them. Cost of participation does not include materials fee. Please bring $10 in cash or check for starter materials; additional wire can be purchased as well. 

June 15 / 6:00-9:00pm / Needling the Establishment (Lecture)
Needling the Establishment, a discussion of knitting and politics
From Mme Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities and onwards, knitters have been incorporating the political into their stitches. Select artists in the current wave of sculptural knitters are addressing issues of the day with visceral responses to contemporary issues of war, climate change, species preservation as well as bringing knitting in the public square. This power point presentation will start with the historical roots of knitting and politics through the lens of American wartime knitting while including an overview of current trends including the more recent youth-driven knit revival called "yarn bombing" or "yarn graffiti" which are often politically focused. The presentation will also incorporate the artist’s own political imagery with attendant stories.